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Salt Lake City's Best Pho     Best Pho Restaurants in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City's Best Vietnamese Restaurants

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Salt Lake City's Best Pho Restaurants

Pho Tay Ho - A Jewel - A Gem...
The Best among the myriad of Pho Restaurants in Salt Lake City. Since Mi's "Pho Tay Ho" moved to its new location, ( the new building is actually a restored home at 1766 South Main Street ), business hasn't stopped! Without a doubt, it is my absolute favorite for Pho-Noodle Soup, pronounced Fuh. Tay Ho specializes in it, it is what they do best. One bowl of this soup is a full meal. The steak or brisket will be slightly cooked by the boiling broth to the perfect "medium" by the time the order reaches your table. The Best Pho in Utah!

***Two good friends of ours, Brad and Tee introduced us to this culinary delight and here are Brad's exact words..."There are a few different types of Pho, but in general it consists of thin rice noodles in a basic beef broth. Added to this are onions, cilantro, ginger, and thin slices of beef (steak, flank, brisket), and/or tendon, tripe, or meatballs. Additionally, one is usually provided with a side plate of basil, beansprouts, and lime to add as one wishes. It is also common to add Hoisin sauce and the popular Thai hot sauce Sriracha. The North Vietnamese version usually contains thicker noodles and spring onions.

There is nothing quite like it in the world, and one of the most sensual culinary experiences one can have. Once a bowl is consumed it's hard to deny the drug-like "high" you'll feel as you leave the restaurant. It's also nice that the average bowl of Pho will cost you around $7.00 - $8.00 for a large bowl. Not bad for an exotic, erotic experience that is good for you!"
Pho Tay Ho is open 5 days a week, closed Sundays and Mondays
1766 South Main Street, Phone: 801.466.3650

More from Mi at Pho Tay Ho - Vietnamese spring rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls in Salt Lake
Vietnamese spring rolls, summer rolls, Goi Cuon, or fresh roll as they are called, is a Vietnamese dish - an appetizer - consisting of pork, shrimp, herbs, rice vermicelli, and other ingredients wrapped in rice paper. These delicious and healthy spring rolls are served cold and are NOT fried. Enjoy with a dipping sauce of your choice. As an appetizer enjoyed before your bowl of Pho arrives, Mi's spring rolls at Pho Tay Ho are Simply Wonderful. -
Pho Tay Ho is open 5 days a week, closed Sundays and Mondays
1766 South Main Street, Phone: 801.466.3650

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